In accordance to their long-term goals, Aspen Institute Kyiv develops program areas to support the leaders of those sectors of society that are key to the country's sustainable and forward-thinking development. The program areas include: open forums, themed seminars, publications, workshops and other activities depending on needs.

  • Leadership Seminars

    Seminars based on the classic and modern texts is one of the main activities of the Aspen Institute Kyiv. Aspen Institute Seminars gather leaders from different social groups, different professions, different regions or countries at a roundtable.

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  • National Identity

    An objective and impartial dialogue between leaders should help to identify the values of national identity. Within the program "National Identity" there are seminars, round tables, conversations and other events.

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  • Justice, Law and Society

    Aspen Institute Kyiv promotes the creation of an open and stable platform to support leaders - the influencers of the justice system reform. As part of the program area "Justice, Law, and Society" there are a series of seminars, roundtables, and other events.

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  • Good Governance

    This program is intended to support the exchange of ideas and experiences between Ukrainian leaders, domestic and foreign experts on anti-corruption strategies, development, and implementation of regulatory norms, and the search for solutions to common problems.

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  • Ideas Festival

    The Ideas Festival is an open forum for leaders, a place for in-depth study of ideas and problems, a place to shape ideas and thoughts on a decent and happy life of a person in a rapidly developing world.

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  • Aspen Teens

    The seminar is intended to form participants' inclination to critical thinking and to spread the idea of value-oriented leadership among teenagers, to motivate them to create a future good society.

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