Business and Society

  • Date:
    December 2-8, 2023
  • Location:
    Carpathians, Ukraine
  • Deadline for applications:
    17 October, 2023
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The “Business and Society” Seminar is a series of events aimed to create a platform for dialogue between business leaders who are ready to  transform their conventional ideas about the nature of entrepreneurship and leadership; are able to invest time and effort in their development, to form new values ​​in the business environment; have a desire to think and act progressively and in a long-term manner in the interests of society.

During the Seminar participants will take part in moderated dialogues with elements of the Socratic method – read and discuss works of classical and contemporary thinkers to better understand themselves and their mission as entrepreneurs.

Also, during the Seminar, participants will take part in online meetings with leaders of the business community and public administration. With them, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the topics of economics, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

Seminar divides into four thematic modules:

І. Homo economicus: in search of self

ІІ. Business and Authority

ІІІ. Justice, Ethics, and Morality in Business

ІV. Leadership and Values ​​in the Vortex of Modernity

The seminar audience includes owners and managers of enterprises, representatives of business media, associations, professional associations, and other organizations that promote business development, high-ranking civil servants of the relevant profile, etc. Approximate age of participants – from 25 years. Representatives of all regions of Ukraine can take part in the selection. 

Based on the applications and the interview, a group of 24 participants will be formed.

An organizational fee of UAH 46,000 is provided for participation in the seminar (payment in several payments is possible).

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