Areas of activities:

  • Ukrainian dialogue

    Panel discussions together with its international partners for communication between Ukrainian leaders and supporting the countries' representatives

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  • Aspen-community events

    In times of war, the Community remains a space for sharing unique leadership experiences, finding non-standard solutions and collaborating on initiatives

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  • Initiatives for victory

    The alumni of the Aspen seminars have joined in the defense of the country. Join their initiatives aimed at Ukraine’s victory in the war with Russia

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  • Ukrainian Dialogue podcast

    Ukrainian Dialogue podcast is not only analytics and insights but Ukrainian leaders’ personal stories of fighting for freedom and dignity

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  • Ukraine Accession to the European Union

    Series of discussions between Ukrainian and European leaders to explain what Ukraine can bring to the EU and which steps will be next

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  • New social contract

    A series of events devoted to the discussion of various aspects of the social contract, classical and modern ideas about it, and the Ukrainian experience in this field

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