Dialogues about Charity

Seminar Preconditions

The active development of charity in Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, has been one of the global trends in recent years. There is a tendency to change the nature and direction of charitable activities. Previously, charitable foundations were created mainly based on the inheritance of wealthy people. Philanthropy has become the business of young and successful entrepreneurs who have earned a large capital and want to participate in social changes.

Humanity is facing global challenges: social, food and raw material, energy and environmental problems, new epidemics and demographic crises. This is why the tendency to donate money during life, without postponing it for later, “giving while living,” has emerged. Prominent philanthropists increasingly join forces to find answers to today’s demands.

Patrons and philanthropists face the need for moral and ethical choices. The need to systematically resolve moral dilemmas increases the importance of philanthropists’ value orientations and moral principles. The reputation of charitable organizations, their leaders, and their founders also plays a crucial role. Significant results, systematization, and value-based activities shape their reputation.

Businesses of all sizes have started to take a more responsible approach to their activities. Large and small companies increasingly pay attention to the social consequences of their work. Companies implement modern strategies, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, and make impact investments, considering the social component.

The goal

The “Dialogues on Philanthropy” seminar aims to create opportunities for discussing the development of charitable activities in Ukraine, global and local challenges faced by the parties involved in the process.

The two-day seminar will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Deepen their understanding of the concepts of philanthropy and patronage, taking into account the social nature and altruistic behavior of humans;
  • Exchange views on the peculiarities of Ukrainian charitable traditions and modern trends;
  • Consider ethical dilemmas, moral principles, and motivational attitudes in the context of developing a culture of philanthropy;
  • Jointly discuss institutional aspects, state regulation, challenges, and priorities of systemic philanthropy;
  • Share perspectives on the further development of charitable activities in Ukraine.

The development of a culture of philanthropy through deepening dialogue will contribute to expanding consensus among donors, philanthropists, and patrons. The dialogue between leaders will help build horizontal connections and introduce new approaches to understanding the processes that will define philanthropy’s present and future evolution. A professional and thoughtful approach to charitable activities will provide additional tools for forming a good society in the country and abroad.

Seminar audience:

We invite the leaders to take part in the event:

  • Ukrainian philanthropists (patrons, philanthropists);
  • Owners and managers of enterprises with developed activities in the field of CSOs;
  • Management (board members, executive, and program directors) of charitable, donor organizations, and other industry representatives.