Good Governance

Implementation of good governance principles and norms has been a focal point both for the activities of public administration and local self-government bodies, and in general for the social political discourse of modern Ukraine. Their implementation in day-to-day management and political practices will enable rapid and powerful social and economic progress and will significantly increase the level of trust in public institutions. This Program is aimed to support a dialogue platform for discussion of public issues, contradictions in existing state policies, global challenges and potential threats to be addressed by the state agencies. Policy makers, state and municipal officials, academics and experts, business, education and culture, IT professionals, leaders of united territorial communities and the non-governmental sector, representatives of international organizations and media are invited to participate in the Program activities.
  • Integrity and Governance

    Aspen Institute Kyiv implements this project to engage stakeholders in discussing the concept of integrity, promote the development and implementation of integrity practices among Ukrainian public officials in the context of preventing corruption.

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  • Good Governance Forum 2019

    The Forum is designed to allow leaders from different countries to exchange experiences and ideas on how to nurture democratic governance and develop solutions to common problems related to penetration of digital technologies.

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  • Decentralization Policy Dialog

    The purpose of the Decentralization Policy Dialogue is to provide leadership of decentralization with better understanding of good governance principles and respective best practices by establishing a dialogue platform for national and local leaders.

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  • Digital Threats to Democracy Working Group

    The purpose of the Working Group is to create a discussion platform dedicated to a broader agenda of actual digital threats to democracy.

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