Decentralization Policy Dialog

Decentralization Policy Dialogue as the component of Good Governance Program provides thematic seminars, round tables and other formats aimed at forming the practices and traditions of “participatory democracy” in Ukraine: discussion of the content of the state policy as the most inclusive dialogue of stakeholders: those affected by the decisions of the state policy; those responsible for their implementation (government and municipal officials), industry experts, politicians, international organizations, projects, business associations, NGOs and the media.

The purpose of the component is to provide leadership of decentralization with better understanding of good governance principles and respective best practices by establishing a dialogue platform for national and local leaders.

The program provides two seminars (September 2019 and May 2020) devoted to the methodology of dialogue with stakeholders, as well as four two-day dialogue sessions (from October 2019 to March 2020) with key stakeholders in the decentralization reform.

The exact schedule of the program activities will be provided to selected participants. In 2019, 26 participants will be selected.

One of the expected results of the Decentralization Policy Dialogue component will be policy drafts related to decentralization reform. These policy change drafts will be the result of dialogue sessions between key stakeholders on the reform’s impact on public administration in united territorial communities (UTC) as well as local economic development (increase of business activities).



Representatives of the key stakeholders of the decentralization reform are invited to participate including:
– Parliament;
– Government;
– Local state administrations;
– Local governments;
– Scientific and expert environment;
– Business associations;
– Civil society organizations;
– International organizations and projects.

Decentralization Policy Dialogue participants will be able to:
– take part in all activities within the framework of the Good Governance Program;
– acquire and continuously deepen their knowledge, skills, and abilities for analyzing public policy in general and upon consultations with the stakeholders in particular;
– contribute to the preparation of policy change drafts;
– to take part in the formation of a methodology of stakeholders consultations.



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