Proposal for the implementation of an effective management system in the united territorial communities

Within the framework of the Good Governance Program, experts and participants of the Program developed the experience of functioning of the system of effective management of state bodies and prepared a proposal for the implementation of such a system for local governments.

The system of effective management of public bodies (performance management) has become widespread in the world’s leading democracies since the 1990s. The success of this system in the United States has allowed leading international organizations to recommend its implementation in developing countries as a tool to ensure institutional capacity to effectively perform functions and implement development strategies.

The essence of the system is to clearly organize the performance indicators of the use of resources, which are managed by the authority in the interests of policy beneficiaries and society as a whole. Resources (finances, personnel, property, etc.) should be recorded in quantitative and qualitative terms. The processes of decision-making and implementation, the provision of public services are regulated at certain stages, which in turn are associated with certain performance indicators. The performance of a government or service is defined as a quantitatively / qualitatively measurable product (output) that brings a specific benefit / benefit (outcome) to the target groups and the community as a whole. The system allows taxpayers to give a clear answer: whether their resources are used productively (resource-product ratio) and efficiently (resource-benefit ratio).

It is possible to identify in real time the internal administrative problems of the authority in case of its inability to achieve the planned result. These include inefficient policy and resource planning, lack of expertise, inconsistency in business processes, and so on.

We invite you to get acquainted with the Guidelines for strengthening the institutional capacity of local governments on the basis of effective governance.


As part of the Good Governance Program, the Program experts support the implementation of an effective management system at the request of the united territorial communities. The contact person for advisory support is Olena Fomina, Good Governance Program Manager, email: of@aspeninstitutekyiv.org.

The Good Governance program is being developed with the support of a grant from Luminate and National Endowment for Democracy.