“Texts for Reflection” from The Aspen Institute Kyiv and Ukrainian Aspen Club

One of the features of the Aspen format is the appeal to the works of classical and modern thinkers. At each seminar, we discuss ideas and concepts that problematize common phenomena and open a deeper perspective. In this way, we join the more than two-thousand-year-old Western intellectual tradition to build our own worldview on its basis.

Back in 2018, The Aspen Institute Kyiv and Ukrainian Aspen Club collected and arranged fragments of texts that we are working on at Aspen seminars.

Texts for Reflection is a two-volume collection of works by classics, including philosophers, cultural theorists, political thinkers, psychologists and others.

In the collection you can get acquainted with works on fundamental topics of political and social philosophy, theory and history of art, psychology, as well as take a look at everyday phenomena of our lives, such as food or sports, from a philosophical and cultural point of view.

For copies of Volumes I and II of the Texts for Reflection, please contact Larisa Latypova, Program Manager for the Aspen Community of Kyiv at lara.latypova@gmail.com