Propose an Initiative for the Community

The members of the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv Community share a common desire to work together for the betterment of a good society in Ukraine. To support this endeavor, the Institute organizes numerous events, meetings, and other collaborative efforts initiated by the Aspen-community members.

To ensure that no valuable ideas are overlooked, the following process for submitting and implementing initiatives is proposed. If you are a member and wish to offer an idea in the form of a product or service for the Community, meetings, workshops, and the like, please complete the online form:

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Criteria for Acceptance of Initiatives

The Community Council has developed criteria for the acceptance of initiatives, such as the requirement that the initiative must be aimed at creating a good society in Ukraine and align with the values of the Aspen Institute, among other considerations.

Information about the criteria are as follows:

Cases Where Initiatives Cannot Be Supported

The Aspen Institute Kyiv Executive Team and the Community Council have also identified cases in which initiatives cannot be supported.

Information on these cases are as follows:

The Process for Handling Initiatives from Aspen Community Members

Please familiarize yourself with the pathway that each initiative from the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv Community members should follow from the moment of submission to the notification of the decision.

For more information, please see here: