Aspen Institute’s Kyiv Community Council

The Community Council is an advisory body of Aspen Institute Kyiv. Among the Council’s main tasks are:

  • Developing a program for the Institute’s Community.
  • Facilitating interaction among Community members.
  • Assisting in the implementation of the Institute’s initiatives and the Aspen community.
  • Engaging alumni in the Community program.

The Council includes graduates of leadership and program seminars who are members of the Community and were delegated through a vote.

Additionally, there are two representatives of the Institute among its participants. The composition of the advisory body is elected annually.

Members of the Community Council:

  • Galyna Zahorodniuk (“Justice, Law and Society” alumni).
  • Alim Aliev (“Responsible Leadership” alumni).
  • Sergiy Koshman (“Responsible Leadership” alumni).
  • Vitaliy Hatselyuk (“Justice, Law and Society” alumni).
  • Valentina Grechka (“Business and Society” alumni).
  • Olha Mahaletska (“Responsible Leadership” alumni).
  • Iryna Palko ( “Values and Society” alumni).
  • Sergii Rohol (representative of Aspen Institute Kyiv, member of the Institute’s Supervisory Board).
  • Artem Shaipov (“Justice, Law and Society” alumni).

Community Council Priorities for 2023:

  • Supporting the implementation of initiatives by Community members aimed at building a  good society in Ukraine.
  • Deepening cooperation with members of the Aspen community at the local level.
  • Developing the concept of an Action Forum within the Community program.