Seminars, based on the discussion of classical and contemporary texts, are one of the main activities of the Aspen Institute Kyiv. The Aspen Institute Kyiv seminars gather leaders representing different social groups, professions, regions or countries at a roundtable.

  • Seminar “Media and Reality: Dimensions of Responsibility”

    Семінар покликаний створити платформу для діалогу між представниками і представницями медіа-спільноти про значення засобів масової інформації для становлення демократії, розбудови громадянського суспільства, розвитку практик доброго врядування та попередження конфліктів, представлення інтересів спільнот.

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  • Business and Society

    The seminar is dedicated to deepen knowledge on understanding values and principals that define leadership in business and formulating productive economic relationships.

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  • Responsible Leadership

    The workshop brings together experienced executives and opinion leaders for roundtables. The group consists of 23-24 participants coming from different regions of Ukraine. Representatives of business, media, public service, politics, culture, science, art, NGOs, etc., take part in the event, which during the week are plunged into thematic discussions, which are subject to common rules and use elements of the Socratic method of dialogue.

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  • The Cybersecurity Dialogue

    The USAID Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Activity launches the Cybersecurity Dialogue Program in partnership with Aspen Institute Kyiv. During 2022–2024, 10 stakeholders dialogues will be held to discuss and find better solutions in the Сybersecurity field to build and improve Ukraine's cyber resilience. The Cybersecurity Dialogue Program aims to cover different topics, including the current challenges, the current situation in cyberspace, and the risks that have arisen with the full-scale Russian invasion of physical and cyberspace.

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  • National Identity

    An objective and impartial dialogue between leaders should help to identify the values of national identity. Within the program "National Identity" there are seminars, round tables, conversations and other events.

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  • Justice, Law and Society

    Aspen Institute Kyiv promotes the creation of an open and stable platform to support leaders - the influencers of the justice system reform. As part of the program area "Justice, Law, and Society" there are a series of seminars, roundtables, and other events.

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  • Values and Society

    Семінари для покоління молодих українських лідерів (27-35 років) з метою їх залучення до значущого діалогу щодо людської природи, свободи, власності, проблем рівності, розвитку спільнот, справедливості та тенденцій, які формують наше майбутнє.

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  • Values and leadership in the 21st century

    The seminar takes place in the format of a roundtable, which involves leaders from different countries, professional fields of activity, nationalities, views, and cultures. During the study of texts and group discussions important for world civilization, the participants discuss issues of justice, freedom, equality, as well as issues of gender relations, politics, responsible leadership.

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  • Socrates seminar

    Aspen Institute Kyiv jointly with Socrates Program of the Aspen Institute (USA) introduced Socrates Seminars to Ukraine. Socrates Seminars provide a forum for emerging leaders from various professions to convene and explore contemporary issues through expert-moderated dialogue.

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