Justice, Law and Society

  • Date:
    November 25 - 29
  • Location:
    Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
  • Deadline:
    15 October, 2020

Establishing fair relations between people is a prerequisite for a good society. Despite the fact that the concept of justice has always been and remains to be the subject of debate, the recognition of social relations is fundamental for successful social interaction. Formation of new values and practices in Ukrainian society depends on the dialogue between leaders of different institutions, professional and social groups, which are the participants and the moving force in the justice system reform.

Aspen Institute Kyiv promotes the creation of an open and stable platform to support leaders – the influencers of the justice system reform. As part of the program area “Justice, Law, and Society” there are a series of seminars, roundtables, and other events.

During the 4-day seminar “Justice, Law and Society” discuss the classical and modern texts, examines case studies, participants have the opportunity to explore current views on justice and law, civil rights and responsibilities, liberty and equality. The seminar gives the leaders a place and time to better understand values and the position of their colleagues and in a trusted atmosphere discussing important issues and possible ways to solve them.