The legal circles’ representatives gained a deeper understanding of their mission and the essence of state legal reality at the ninth “Justice, Law and Society” Seminar

On November 3-7, Aspen Institute Kyiv held the ninth “Justice, Law and Society” Seminar. The event took place in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The seminar aimed to create a dialogue platform between the legal community leaders for a better understanding of their mission and the essence of state legal reality.

The event brought together 24 participants. Among them were professionals from law, public administration, human rights, journalists, scientists, and other areas. During the five days, they had dialogues based on philosophical, journalistic, scientific, and practical texts through the prism of their own professional experience. They discussed classical and modern views on the concepts of justice, natural and positive law, human rights and freedoms, public good, responsible leadership, as well as approaches to their measurement and application.

The Aspen Institute Kyiv leaders’ dialogue platform provides an opportunity to discuss the role and responsibility of social leaders in the development of legal culture, legal awareness, and fair public relations. As well it creates space for a joint search for ways of building a good society in Ukraine. Since 2018, more than 175 representatives of the legal community have gained Aspen experience, — said Olena Fomina, director of the “Justice, Law, and Society” Program.

The seminar “Justice, Law, and Society” was held with the financial support of the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine.