Community Program

The Aspen Community of the Kyiv Institute unites leaders of business, the state, civil society, artists, and intellectuals who have achieved significant professional success and support a good society formation.

Sharing a commitment to the principles of responsible leadership, members of the Kyiv Institute’s Aspen community direct their energy and creative potential to solve the large-scale social challenges of today.

Aspen Community members believe in the dialogue’s effectiveness in the principles of social interaction as a method of solving crucial issues and problems. The Aspen Community is a platform for informal discussion of different points of view on the issues of modern challenges facing society, as well as a platform for the initiatives to build a better life.

The Aspen Institute Kyiv Community has over 1,500 Alumni of the seminars Responsible Leadership, Education in the Dimensions of the Future, Justice, Law, and Society, Values ​​and Society, Socratic Seminars, Media and Reality: Dimensions of Responsibility, Business and society, other international events and program directions. Graduates of Aspen seminars who want to take an active part in the life of the Community and the Institute, as well as get involved in spreading the Aspen idea, have the opportunity to become Aspen Community members and Aspen Institute Kyiv members.

  • Become an Aspen Institute Kyiv Community Member

    Ukrainian Aspen Alumni Community is becoming more and more numerous every year. We need to communicate with everyone to realize your expectations from the Community and our communication, as well as to provide opportunities to contribute your energy and initiatives to the Aspen values development ​​and finding solutions for building a better society.

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  • Become an Aspen Institute Kyiv Member

    Aspen Institute Kyiv members actively participate in our enlightenment programs and program areas and provide significant financial support to help us fulfill our mission: to foster leadership focused on enduring values ​​and provide an impartial platform for addressing current issues.

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