Dialogue with Stakeholders in Decentralization Reform

Aspen Institute Kyiv has launched a new for Ukraine, but well-established in the world practice of consulting stakeholders.  To realistically assess the success of government policy, the stakeholders should be involved to provide their views and feedback.

On October 8-9, Aspen Institute Kyiv held consultations with stakeholders in decentralization reform;  the subject of discussion was summarized policy brief on the impact of the reform on the local economic development. Representatives of 7 regions of the country, who are leaders at the local and national level, took part in the dialogue: MPs of Ukraine, representatives of the Ministry of Regional, local government and local authorities, associations, international organizations, experts and participants of the “Good Governance” program, who represent 11 regions of Ukraine.


“Today, the system of public policy development and implementation in Ukraine does not, in fact, contain such attribute of “good governance” as impact assessment – changes in the state of the problem as a result of reform, and justified review of previous decisions” – Roman Kobets, Director of the program “Good Governance”


The major issues discussed during the meeting:
– Local elite conflict, risk of property redistribution, as a result of the change in political elites;
– insufficient attention to the deregulation of local businesses;
– lack of proper strategic planning in the ATG;
– low level of trust in state and local institutions;
– Lack of qualified staff on the ground.

The meeting has shown the importance of having a platform for dialogue, resulting in recommendations on adjusting public policies and methodology for consulting stakeholders, that will be developed by Aspen Institute Kyiv.

The next dialogues on the impact of the decentralization reform on administrative activities in the ATG will be held on December 10-11, 2019. We invite stakeholders for dialogue, a contact person – Olena Fomin (of@aspeninstitutekyiv.org).

To find more about the Good Governance Program, please follow the link>>


Good Governance Program is supported by a grant from Luminate and National Endowment for Democracy