20th seminar “Responsible Leadership” was conducted

On October 2-18, 2019, in the Carpathians took place the 20th seminar “Responsible Leadership”, where took part leaders from 10 cities and villages of Ukraine. The dialogue involved representatives of business, government, academic community, media, culture, art, medicine, civil society, and other important social spheres. 


During the seminar, participants have the opportunity to recognize different points of view about human nature, the role of the state, human rights, property, contradictions in society, laws and justice, etc.


As part of discussing classic and modern texts using the Socrate’s method of discussion, special attention was paid to questions of the fundamental basis of good society and challenges that stay in front of humanity and values that lie at the root of taking daily decisions.


The next seminar, “Responsible Leadership” will take place in March 2020. Information about the competition will be placed on the Institute’s web site. Also, subscribe on our mailing to first getting our news>>


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