Aspen Institute Kyiv presents an Annual Report 2021

Today, the whole world, holding its breath, watches the Ukrainians, who daily prove that values ​​are about actions. Despite the differences, we were able to consolidate and work together. We are proud that our Alumni and the Aspen community members are actively acting to advance the victory of Ukraine. Some of them organize volunteer headquarters, some provide the information support, some are financing our country’s needs, and some are at the forefront.

In 2021, Aspen Institute Kyiv held 66 events in which 218 Ukrainian leaders went through the Aspen experience. In addition to the traditional topics, they had the opportunity to discuss integrity, culture of charity, and modern Ukrainian identity. We have also relaunched the Aspen Community, which united 340 of the most active alumni. You can read  about these and other our results in the Annual Report 2021.

Aspen Institute Kyiv continues its work despite the Russian war in Ukraine. In 2022, the format of our activities has changed: all our actions are  to advance the victory of our country. We are convinced that we will return  to our usual activities soon, and will help in rebuilding Ukraine looking for the best ways to develop a good society.

Glory to the Armed Forces. Glory to Ukraine!

You can read the Annual Report 2021 by the link.