Dialogue with the stakeholders of the decentralization reform

On December 10-11, Aspen Institute Kyiv consulted with stakeholders on the impact of decentralization reform on the administrative activities of the united territorial communities.

Representatives from 10 regions of the country, who are leaders at the local and national levels, took part in the dialogue: representatives of the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine, local officials, public associations, international organizations, media, experts, as well as participants of the Good Governance Program.

The  results of the analytical study «How to improve the administrative activities of united territorial communities» was presented at the event. The author Sergey Pantsir, an expert on public policy making, suggested to discuss the list of decentralization reform issues and possible ways of overcoming them.

The following issues were discussed:

creation of the united territorial communities and acquisition of advanced opportunities;

 the ability to implementation of extended, including staffing and resourcing;

involvement of stakeholders and the public in local policy implementation.

Participants of the consultation identified such major pressing issues:

uncertainty over the distribution of powers and resources at the local level;

low capacity of the united territorial communities to carry out part of the delegated powers, in particular in the field of education, fire safety, health care;

low involvement of citizens to the policy development and implementation at the local level;

the need to provide qualified local government staff;

the need to introduce / adhere to administrative and professional standards for local government employees.

The consultation format have demonstrated the importance of the dialoguea platform. The program participants will develop public policy adjustments and techniques of consultations with stakeholder .

Good Governance Program 

The Good Governance Program is supported by a grant from Luminate and National Endowment for Democracy