“Good Governance” Program Presentation

We are pleased to announce the begging of a new stage of development of the Good Governance Program of the Aspen Institute Kyiv. The aim of the program is to disseminate knowledge about good governance and best practices in this area through the establishment of a dialogue platform for national and local leaders.

Roman Kobets (Head of the Good Governance Program, Ph.D.) presented the key phases of the program, and main activities of the program,  including: analysis researches on the impact of the reform of decentralization on key stakeholders , thematic seminars, round tables, elaboration of proposals for the revision of decentralization  reform, and other formats. The program will be implemented during 2019-2020 for a total of 18 months.

As part of the presentation of the Program, the panel discussion “Governance and Decentralization Reform” were held, with the participation of: Oleksiy Goncharuk (Deputy Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine), Oleksandra Korinny (Head of the Association of Unified Territorial Communities), Anatoly Tkachuk (Director for Science and Development of the NGO ” Institute of Civil Society “). Through the moderated dialogue, we discussed the role of good governance in the context of decentralization reform, the state and prospects of the reform.

The start of registration for the “Good Governance” Program will begin on June 20th. Civil servants and politicians, leaders of local self-government and business, media representatives and international organizations are encouraged to participate. Follow the news on our website and facebook page, and also subscribe to the newsletter – aspeninstitutekyiv.org/subscribe/


 Good Governance Program supported by a grant from Luminate.