Integrity and Governance

  • Date:
    October 6-10, 2021
  • Application deadline:
    September 1

Aspen Institute Kyiv announces the recruitment of participants in the “Integrity and Governance” Project. The Project will be implemented under the Good Governance program with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy. 

The “Integrity and Governance” Project aims to create a platform for dialogue between anti-corruption professionals: civil servants, academics, non-governmental and international organizations, the media community, and experts in preventing and combating corruption.

Objective of the “Integrity and Governance” Project:

  • engagement of key stakeholders into policy dialogue on the integrity of public servants;
  • fostering the development and implementation of policies and practices which promote the integrity of Ukrainian public servants in the context of corruption prevention;
  • development of readings on integrity and respective policy approaches ii partnership with key anti-corruption institutions.

Who can became the participant of the Project

The group of 30 Project will include participants who represent:

  • public (national and municipal) institutions;
  • academic institutions (social sciences, public administration);
  • non-governmental organizations (business associations, anti-corruption NGOs, ethical committees);
  • international organizations;
  • media community.

Selected participants should match the following profile:

  • proven commitment to and active participation in the anti-corruption activities during the last three years;
  • leadership position in the respective institution;
  • evident role in the anti-corruption policy-making process in the respective institutions.

Parts of the Project:

  • anti-corruption policy stakeholder analysis;
  • “Dimensions of the integrity” Seminar (October, 6 — 10);
  • six stakeholder dialogue sessions on integrity policies in various fields;
  • development of “Integrity readings”.

About the Seminar “Dimensions of the Integrity”

The seminar participants will take part in moderated dialogues with elements of the Socratic method — they will read and discuss fragments of works by classical and modern thinkers, and will exchange their views and experiences. That will help with better understanding their professional mission and ways to build a culture of integrity in Ukraine.

Its program will be built around understanding the concept of integrity in different contexts:

  • historical evolution and modern definitions and approaches; 
  • moral, ethical and policy dimensions of integrity; 
  • overview of existing legal frameworks; 
  • role of leadership in promoting integrity).

The seminar group will include all previously selected participants (30 persons) and will be moderated by the Aspen Institute Kyiv moderators:

  • Denis Poltavets, Program Development Director;
  • Roman Kobets, PhD (Philosophy), Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Contact person for project implementation – Olena Fomina, Justice, Law, and Society” Program Director, email of@aspeninstitutekyiv.org.

The “Integrity and Governance” Project supports by the National Endowment for Democracy grant.