Announcement of Ideas Days Online: Seeking Solutions to Future Challenges through Dialogue among Intellectuals and Practitioners

Ideas Days will begin in just two weeks, organized by Aspen Institute Kyiv and Impact Hub Odesa and its co-founder, Yegor Grebennikov.

Considering the security situation this year, Ideas Days will be held online. It will be three days of panel discussions with Ukrainian intellectuals, politicians, business people, and policymakers – those who influence the shaping of our coexistence and future.

Ideas Days will be held on July 17, 20, and 22. You can register here.

The topics of panel discussions for this year’s Ideas Days are already announced:

  • National and Civic Identity.
  • Volunteerism and Philanthropy.
  • Strategic Security.
  • Local Development.
  • Business Revival.
  • Entrepreneurial Identity.

Soon, we will reveal who exactly will participate in the discussions.

Register here.

See you at Ideas Days!