The Aspen Institute’s Kyiv invites the Project Manager of the Action Forum 2024 to join the team

The Aspen Institute Kyiv invites to join project manager for the Action Forum 2024 to join the team. The event will be held in May this year.

The Action Forum is a unique format of the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv events created to inspire proactive leaders, most of whom are members of the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv Community, to improve and deepen their leadership skills, establish connections, and build practical capacity to address the most critical challenges of our time. Forum participants can discuss their projects and initiatives in a trusted Aspen Institute’s Kyiv alumni circle. The Aspen Institute Kyiv will hold this event for the first time in Ukraine. 

The primary responsibilities of the Manager will be:

  • Organizing the development of the Action Forum 2024 Program (after the Forum) with the participation of the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv team and members of the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv Community Council.
  • Searching for partners for the Forum.
  • Selecting a location for the Forum, coordinating logistics, and working with contractors.
  • Organizing the selection of the Forum participants (with the participation of the Aspen Institute’s Kyiv team and members of the Aspen-community)
  • Organizing and leading the Forum (with the participation of The Aspen Institute Kyiv team members of the Aspen Community) in May 2024 
  • Reporting on the results of its work for the year 
  • Solving other issues related to the Forum’s organization and the Aspen Community’s activities.

Expectations from the candidate:

  • excellent organizational skills;
  • excellent communication skills (oral and written);
  • initiative and proactivity;
  • stress resistance;
  • attention to detail and critical thinking;
  • experience working with clients and managing social media pages is an advantage;
  • Participation in Aspen Institute’s Kyiv seminars and membership in the Aspen-community are advantages.

Why should you choose Aspen Institute Kyiv as Your Workplace?

  • Meaningful Impact: By joining us, you’ll contribute to developing a free, just, and equal society in Ukraine.
  • Culture of Collaboration: We foster a culture of openness, trust, and dialogue, believing that diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions.
  • Professional Development: Aspen Institute Kyiv is committed to developing leadership skills in our team members and invests in your growth to become an influential leader.
  • Global Network: We are part of the Aspen Institute partner network, allowing you to interact with leaders and experts worldwide and expand your knowledge and network.
  • Community Engagement: We value our alumni and community members and actively engage them in fulfilling our mission.
  • Supportive Environment: We understand our employees’ challenges in unstable times and provide professional and personal support to help you thrive.

If you have practical experience in organizing events and are inspired to work in the team of The Aspen Institute Kyiv, please send your CV to office@aspeninstitutekyiv.org with the subject “Action Forum Manager Vacancy” to participate in the selection until February 15, 2024.

For additional questions, please contact us at +380685555125 or email office@aspeninstitutekyiv.org.