Club seminar “Between Trust and Suspicion: The New Reality of Social Action”

On November 16-17, was held next “club” Aspen-seminar on the topic: “Between Trust and Suspicion: The New Reality of Social Action”. Based on variety of texts: from Freudian theories to philosophy of Vedanta, from Francis Fukuyama to Paul Ricoeur and Carl Sagan, – Aspen-members from different groups considered a lot of questions. In particular:

How in the early childhood does establish basic trust, and also a world’s perplexed.
· What is the difference between trust, and beliefs and knowledge; and why trust is personal.
· How trust converts in different forms of capital.
· What does it mean “smart trust” and how to use “critical thinking”.
· How does on the certain stage reject suspicious and doubts, and start acting.

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