The day of philosophical dialogue for participants of “School of success”

On July 22, the Aspen Institute Kyiv held the day of philosophical dialogue within 10-days educational project “School of success” conducted by Klitschko Foundation for teenagers at the age of 14-16. The project is dedicated to giving ХХІ century knowledge and skills to pro-active adolescents from all over Ukraine.


Dialogue day consisted of three online-session during which teenagers were reading and discussing works of classic and modern thinkers, searching for answers on fundamental questions, and working on the common project. 


Participants discussed the works of AristotleThomas HobbesNorbert EliasFrancis Fukuyama, and others. Topics that were discussed by adolescents:


– What is the origins and purpose of the state? What does make it fair, and what does unfair?

– What is the nature of equality and inequality between human beings? Do we equal for real?

– How much do we depend on society, and does exist individual freedom itself?

– What is the role of trust in our lives, and where does lay its boundaries?

– Does principals, that exist in society, of dividing economic goods is fair? 

– What does make a person a leader?

– How to realize Big Ideas? 


Moreover, participants worked on their team projects, where they were planning an imaginary Mars expedition: recognizing common purposes, creating rules of interaction, formulating governance principles, and exchanging goods.


Dialogue sessions were moderated by a poet, journalist, founder of Kyiv Market, broadcaster at “Aristocrats” – Miriam Dragina, and also a candidate of political sciences, professor at sociology department at National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, founder of the Big Brother School – Anastasiya Donska.


We are grateful to our inspiring participants and moderators, and also to our partner Klitschko Foundation!