Aspen Institute Kyiv held the “Business and Society – 6” Seminar in the Carpathian Mountains

Diversity of perspectives, dynamism, and collaboration aptly characterize the “Business and Society” seminar organized by Aspen Institute Kyiv between April 2nd and 7th in the Carpathian Mountains.

During the discussions on texts by leading thinkers, each participant shared their own experiences and ideas while also having the opportunity to hear 23 unique viewpoints from leaders who shed light on business processes through their professional and societal trajectories – ranging from entrepreneurship to the public sector, from science to culture, from politics to the legal sphere. They focused on discussing the boundaries of responsibility and the consequences of business decisions, principles of justice, contemporary challenges, the social contract, leadership boundaries, and more.

We are inspired by the knowledge gained by the participants throughout the seminar, which contribute to the enrichment of ideas and the building of a society worthy of a good life in Ukraine, one of the core values of the Institute.

Aspen Institute’s Kyiv executive team sincerely appreciates each participant’s contribution to the seminar. We thank the moderators Serhiy Rohol and Yevhen Lemberh, as well as the Director of Seminar Programs, Alina Shklyaruk, for conducting the seminar. We hope the experience gained during the seminar has been valuable for the participants and provided different perspectives on leadership.

We would also like to remind you that registration is currently open for the “Business and Society Online” seminar, which will take place in June-July this year. You can apply for the seminar by following the link.