Aspen Institute Kyiv: Moderators’ Meeting Discussion of an Activity Plan for the near future and the Features of Moderating Seminars during Martial Law

On August 30, the Aspen Institute Kyiv held a moderator’s meeting.

Moderators play a vital role in ensuring the observance of rules and regulations during events, setting the tone of dialogues, and guiding discussions constructively. Moderators do not interfere in discussions but serve as intermediaries between participants with varying experiences, perspectives, and opinions.

During the meeting, participants discussed the following topics:

  • The activities of the Institute for the second half of 2023.
  • The role of moderators, the specifics of conducting seminars, and technical nuances.
  • The peculiarities of moderating events during the war and with participants who are involved in combat.

Regarding specific tasks, participants focused on dialogue events related to the social contract for Ukraine. They also discussed seminars aimed at young audiences.

Moderators noted a strong demand among participants for live events to facilitate interactions between people. Therefore, the Institute plans to prioritize organizing in-person events while adhering to safety protocols.

The meeting was a fascinating opportunity to have a productive discussion, and the Institute expresses its gratitude to the moderators and the team for their valuable contributions.