Aspen Institute Kyiv is calling for applications for the seminar “Business and Society”

Aspen Institute Kyiv announces the recruitment of participants for the seminar “Business and Society”, which will take place on March 12-18, 2022 in the Carpathians.

Fill out the application until February 2 inclusive.

Participants are invited who are ready for transformations of fixed ideas about the nature of entrepreneurship and leadership and will invest time and effort in their own development and formation of value orientations in the business environment.

During the week, participants will take part in moderated dialogues with elements of the Socratic method – they will read and discuss fragments of the works of classical and modern thinkers together. They will exchange experiences and opinions on the nature of economic activity, the interaction of business and government, justice, ethics, and morality in business, as well as the features of modern leadership.

The organizational fee for participation in the seminar is UAH 36,000. The cost includes the organization and holding of the event, seminar materials, accommodation, meals, etc.

The number of places is limited, the selection will be made on a competitive basis.