Community and program development, leadership seminars and public events: what will 2022 be like for Aspen Institute Kyiv

Aspen Institute presented the activity plan for 2022. Among the priorities is the development of the Community, the involvement of stakeholders in various fields in the dialogue, allowing Ukrainian leaders to gain Aspen experience, and holding public events.

In 2021, Aspen Institute Kyiv held 64 events, 53 offline. In addition, 218 leaders of various fields became graduates of seminars and programs. The year 2022 should be no less busy for the Institute.

Events for the Community

The Aspen Community includes about 400 of the most active of the Institute’s 1,500 graduates. They are united by the desire for the common good and understanding the value of dialogue. For 2022, as part of the program for the Community, 3 club-type seminars and meetings-discussions of Aspen residents with other leaders of various fields are planned.

In addition to organizing events for the Aspen community, the Institute’s team will continue to support the implementation of its members’ initiatives aimed at creating a good society.

Leadership seminars

The formation of value-oriented leadership is one of the essential components of the mission of Aspen Institute Kyiv. The experience gained at the leadership seminars allows graduates to expand their horizons and explore the values that underlie everyday decisions. 2 Responsible Leadership seminars are planned for 2022. Also, Aspen Institute Kyiv will hold 2 workshops for young leaders (27-35 years old) — Values and society.

Acceptance of applications for the twenty-fourth seminar, “Responsible Leadership,” is already underway. You can register until February 10 at the link: https://bit.ly/3z4Y4fE.

Program directions

In 2022, Aspen Institute Kyiv will continue to develop program directions. The experience gained by program seminar participants is focused on representatives of specific industries.

The following are planned for 2022:

  • 3 seminars Business and society
  • seminar Justice, law and society
  • seminar Media and reality: dimensions of responsibility
  • 2 Aspen Teens workshops
  • development of the program for moderators
  • development of the National Identity program
  • development of the Integrity and governance project
  • 2 dialogues on charity seminars

Also, Aspen Institute Kyiv plans to launch the “Dialogue on cyber security” program.

Public events

2 public events are planned for 2022 — the Festival of Ideas and the Good Governance Forum.

Last year’s Festival brought together more than 1,000 participants and 120 speakers. Preparations for the Festival of Ideas — 2022, which Aspen Institute Kyiv is holding together with Impact Hub Odessa, began in January.

A separate area of activity involves stakeholders of various industries in a dialogue about issues important for the country and these areas and ways to solve them.