Aspen Institute Kyiv has created a dialogue space for discussing the views of modern thinkers on the war in Ukraine

On July 21, Aspen Institute Kyiv held a “Contemporary philosophers on the war in Ukraine: the correspondence battle between Jürgen Habermas and Slavoj Žižek” online seminar for members of the Aspen Community members. Ukrainian leaders from various spheres of activity took part in the event. The unique experience of each of the Aspen residents made it possible to consider the proposed topic from different perspectives.
During the event, participants discussed the views of two leading European thinkers on the interpretation of Russia’s war against Ukraine in a moderated dialogue format. Among the issues considered:
• How do modern philosophers see the consequences of different scenarios of war?
• Why the leading Western thinkers do not take into account the modern contexts in Ukraine and focus on the power of ideas and myths about Russia so often?
• What narratives of Russian propaganda are most often rooted in the consciousness of Western societies?
• How could help the analysis of such texts counterfeit Russia, and how could leaders use it?
Andriy Kulakov, coordinator of the Aspen Institute Kyiv Community Program, and Denis Poltavets, director of program development at Aspen Institute Kyiv, moderated the seminar.