Aspen Institute Kyiv involved stakeholders in discussing the issues of volunteering during wartime

On October 24, Aspen Institute Kyiv held a dialogue, “Volunteer initiatives and their regulations: the spirit of war and the letter of the law”.

The Institute organized the event at the initiative of members of the Aspen Community.

The purpose of the discussion was to promote the formation of a system of regulation of volunteer activities under martial law to meet the needs of society, communities, vulnerable population groups, the Armed Forces, and territorial defense units, which arose as a result of the Russian Federation’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

Volunteers, Members of the Parliament of Ukraine, representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, representatives of the judiciary, lawyers, and attorneys attended the meeting. The involvement of a wide range of stakeholders made it possible to consider the issue from different perspectives.

According to the dialogue results, it is planned to create a permanent platform for exchange between volunteers and the Office of the Prosecutor General to ensure the rights of volunteers in implementing their activities. The executive team of the Institute will announce the organizational details of the site’s operation later.

Based on the dialogue results, JC “Miller” lawyers have prepared recommendations (at the link).

We sincerely thank all participants for their openness to dialogue and contribution to the discussion.