Aspen Institute Kyiv held the first offline seminar since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine

The fifth Business and Society seminar took place on November 12-18, although it was planned for mid-March. 23 leaders of business, media, communications, and public intellectuals joined the dialogue. The participants explored the topics of the nature of leadership and power, equality, freedom and justice, and the role of the enterprise in building a society of good life.

In addition, the Institute offered discussion texts devoted to the challenges of modernity. First of all, a full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. This is due not only to the context but also to the invaluable contribution that business makes to the stability of Ukraine.

The seminar participants exchanged their unique leadership experiences and opinions. The leaders conducted a dialogue without trying to prove that their position. In addition, they appealed not to personalities but to ideas. That made it possible to explore the workshop topics from different perspectives.

Sergejs Rogols and Andriy Kulakov moderated the event.
Alina Shklyaruk, seminar programs director at Aspen Institute Kyiv, coordinated the event.