Aspen Institute Kyiv will share the Ukrainian leaders’ opinions on current issues in the “Ideas for Reflection” podcast

Aspen Institute Kyiv launched a new “Ideas for Reflection” podcast. Listen to the audio on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Aspen Institute Kyiv engages leaders of various fields in a dialogue about important issues. The exchange of unique experiences, ideas, and opinions allows the participants of the discussions to consider the challenges of modern times from different perspectives and to find non-trivial answers to them. The executive team of the Institute will share audio recordings of such dialogues in the “Ideas for Reflection” podcast.

The purpose of the podcast is not only to acquaint listeners with the opinions of Ukrainian leaders regarding certain topical issues but also to encourage them to share these ideas and develop them further.

In the first episode of the podcast, get acquainted with the thoughts of philosopher Vakhtang Kebuladze, director Vlad Troitsky, literary critic Vira Aheeva, writer Andrii Liyubka about the deconstruction of the “Russian world” in Ukraine and the methods of formation of Ukrainian discourse and promotion of Ukrainian culture within the country and in the world.

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. We also remind you that you can subscribe to the Aspen Institute Kyiv YouTube channel by following the link.