The Aspen Institute Kyiv gathered moderators to discuss the peculiarities of event moderation

On February 12, the Aspen Institute Kyiv held a meeting of moderators to discuss essential aspects of workshop moderation, particularly during the war and plans for 2024.

Moderators are those people who help participants engage in constructive dialogue and act as a kind of intermediary between participants with different experiences and worldviews, ensuring an open-minded exchange of views.

During the meeting, the moderators discussed the following issues:

  1. Experience and advice on seminars moderating from Andriy Kulakov and Denis Poltavets, who participated in the Aspen Institute’s workshop for moderators.
  2. Discuss new moderation methods and approaches for events and seminars.
  3. Peculiarities of moderating events during the war: challenges that may arise and the peculiarities of working in groups with participants who participated in hostilities.

The moderators who participated in the meeting also shared their experience in moderating seminars, which they have already used or plan to use during future seminars.

The Aspen Institute Kyiv continues to develop its activities based on dialogue, mutual respect, and diversity of opinions. We are grateful to the moderators and the team of the Institute for the fruitful exchange of views and constructive dialogue!