The Aspen Institute New Zealand join to the Aspen Institute’s network of international partners

The Aspen Institute New Zealand join to the Aspen Institute’s network of international partners!

The Institute’s network of international partners now has 11 partners operating in 14 countries around the world, with an Initiative in the UK. Our network of partners is dedicated to promoting dialogue on values and ideas that inspire people, communities, governments and institutions.

Aspen New Zealand will be a non-partisan body embracing the mission of the Institute to foster enlightened leadership for society in New Zealand and around the world. It will cultivate leadership based on enduring values and provide forums for critical issues facing New Zealand. Encouraging youth and diverse participation will be a top priority. Aspen New Zealand plans initially to focus on climate change, technology, and inequality/intolerance, and will engage participants from a diversity of backgrounds, and with experts both local and international.

The co-chairs of Aspen New Zealand are The Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Administrator of United Nations Development Programme, and The Rt. Hon. Sir Don McKinnon, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand. Christine Maiden Sharp is the Founder and CEO of Aspen New Zealand, formerly Executive Director of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Singapore. One of its board members is the CEO of New Zealand’s most prominent and successful Maori tribe, and another is a Henry Crown Fellow and Socrates moderator.

We sincerely welcome the establishment of the Aspen Institute New Zealand and the dissemination of Aspen ideas in this part of the world!