“AspenTeens: Fight for UA dream”: Project Results for 2023

What was the year like for the program for young people, “AspenTeens: Fight for UA dream”? 

In short, there are 235 alumni from different parts of Ukraine and the world, 15 seminars, and many insights. Anastasia Kravets, project coordinator at the Aspen Institute Kyiv, and Ihor Yefymenko, project manager at Klitschko Foundation, shared some of them.

In 2024, the AspenTeens: Fight for UA dream” will continue to create a dialog platform for young people to engage even more teenagers in the community. Some of the young people will join the government in the future, some will be involved in entrepreneurship, some in public activities, and some will find themselves in other areas — one way or another, we hope their work will become significant for our country. Therefore, by making efforts to develop young people now, we are contributing to the development of Ukrainian society.

In addition, we are planning in-person events as part of the project! So stay tuned!

The project is implemented in partnership with the Klitschko Foundation.