The Aspen Institute Kyiv Announces Enrollment for Seminars “Support for War-Affected Ukrainians: Coordination and Interaction”

Dialogue between primary stakeholders and their coordinated work should contribute to developing a humanitarian response in Ukraine and more effective assistance to war-affected individuals. 

The Aspen Institute Kyiv, at the initiative of CORE Response with the support of the American Red Cross, announces the call for applications for the seminar “Support for War-Affected Ukrainians: Coordination and Interaction” under the “Relief for Ukraine: Ecosystem of Support for Ukrainians” Program.

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Dates of the seminars:

  • January 20 (10:00-18:30)
  • February 3 (10:00-18:30)
  • February 16 (10:00-18:30)

Please choose the date you prefer while applying.

We invite representatives of government agencies, local governments, public, charitable, and international organizations, businesses, and experts related to the topic. 

The list of participants will be formed considering gender, regional representation, areas of activity, and the principle of representation of different stakeholders. We will send confirmation of participation in the seminar ten days before the event.

During the seminar, participants will discuss texts by contemporary authors and intellectuals, exchanging ideas and opinions. Participants will develop mechanisms to improve coordination in livelihood support and support for war-affected Ukrainians.

Venue: Kyiv (exact location will be announced to participants).

The “Relief for Ukraine: Support Ecosystem for Ukrainians” Program is implemented by Aspen Institute Kyiv, initiated by CORE Response, and supported by the American Red Cross.