The Aspen Institute Kyiv honored Iryna Palko with an Award for her contribution to the development of the Institute

The Aspen Institute Kyiv relies on the support of its alumni and members of the Community: material, organizational, and intellectual. 

Each year, during the annual alumni meeting, Aspen Reunion, the Institute presents an award for contribution to its development. This year, Iryna Palko, an entrepreneur and public figure, a graduate of the “Values and Society” – 5 and “Business and Society” – 7 seminars, received the award. 

Iryna Palko was one of the local organizers of the “Day of Ideas” in Dnipro.   Iryna helped to promote the Aspen Idea in the region and attract other alumni to cooperate with The Aspen Institute Kyiv. 

In addition, Iryna is one of the active members of the Institute’s Community Council. This advisory body helps develop the program for the Community and establish interaction between its members. 

We thank Iryna for her work and dedication to the mission of the Institute!