Yuliya Bidenko, “International Regional” – 3 Seminar Alumnus, participated in the “Philosophy and Practice” seminar organized by the Aspen Institute Germany

Yuliya Bidenko, a sociologist and PhD in Political Science, “International Regional” – 3 Seminar Alumnus, was nominated to participate in the seminar “Philosophy and Practice” by Aspen Institute Kyiv.

Representatives from Romania, Kosovo, Italy, Switzerland, and Ukraine took part in the seminar. Yuliya noted that this provided an opportunity to diversify the experience gained during the seminars of Aspen Institute Kyiv.

The seminar contributed to a broader understanding of philosophical concepts and ideas that can be applied by participants in various areas of life, from personal development to business and career. Also, thanks to the wide representation of countries, participants were able to enrich themselves with international experience.

“During the seminar, my experience felt particularly important because it demonstrated that Ukrainians can participate in similar programs that provide opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in leadership development and practical application of philosophical ideas,” says Yuliya Bidenko.

We thank the Aspen Institute Germany for organizing the event and promoting the exchange of experience and ideas among leaders from different countries for the development of a society of worthy living.