“Leadership and Values in the maelstrom of modernity”: Aspen Institute Kyiv held a seminar for the Dnipro Business Community

On November 24-25, 2023, the Aspen Institute Kyiv held a seminar, “Leadership and Values in the maelstrom of modernity,” for the business community in Dnipro.

The discussion was traditionally based on the texts of contemporary philosophers, classics, and thinkers focused on Ukrainian society’s most acute challenges.

The participants discussed the issues in the business sphere, particularly during the war. Among them are staff shortages due to migration, the country’s economic and political situation, the war’s impact on daily and strategic decision-making, transitional justice, mental health, and the need for business education and skill development.

During the dialogues, the participants proposed solutions to strengthen the stability of teams. They discussed the threats and benefits of using the latest technologies (including artificial intelligence).

A special attention during the discussions was given to strategy development for the Dnipro, considering the geopolitical situation and the interests of entrepreneurs and the local community.  

The Dnipro business club INSPIRA supported the event to develop a culture of dialogue, creating a platform for discussing current challenges and exchanging ideas.

Denis Poltavets, Director of Program Development at the Aspen Institute Kyiv, and Volodymyr Fadieiev, head of the department of the H.S. Skovoroda’s Institute of Philosophyof the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, moderated the seminar. Alina Shklyaruk, Seminar Program Director at the Aspen Institute Kyiv, coordinated the event.