Skills that can save lives. Aspen Institute Kyiv held 2 training sessions on pre-medical care for members of the Community

Aspen Institute Kyiv organized 2 trainings on pre-medical care (BLS, basic life support) for Community members. Another event is planned for the near future.

The class was conducted by Oleksandr Kulyk, a graduate of the “Responsible Leadership – 23” seminar. He is a military doctor, an honored doctor of Ukraine, a doctor of medical sciences, and a neurosurgeon of the highest category. During the training, Oleksandr and the participants studied the theory and analyzed specific situations: the trainer shared his rich practical experience.

In an emergency, it is essential to stay calm, analyze the situation correctly, and have basic skills to ensure safety. The simplest actions under such conditions can become a guarantee of saving lives: both your own and those around you. The participants learned basic life support skills at the training, stopping bleeding, and providing other types of pre-medical care.

Community members who took part in the training say that, among other things, it allowed them to broaden their outlook.

At first, I thought that everything would be focused on first aid to the victim, but I was able to join a new outlook on the safety of my own life and the safety of my family, the safety of assistance, assessment of the environment and principles of work of rescuers to understand how to be evacuated in the first place, — said Vitaly Bulda, a participant of the training and a member of the Community Council of the Aspen Institute Kyiv.

The events took place within the framework of the program for the Community. The Aspen community is joined by the most active graduates of the Aspen seminars of the Kyiv Institute — about 400 out of more than 1,500.

Knowing and being able to act in the most responsible moments of life is an extraordinary value. Aspen Institute Kyiv would like to help the members of the Community to get it. God forbid that I had to practice these skills only in training, —  Andriy Kulakov, a program coordinator for the Community of the Aspen Institute Kyiv, emphasized that our paramedics should be honored and glorified.