Exchange of ideas, searching for partners, and casual communication. Aspen Institute Kyiv held the first Wine & Talk

On June 19, Aspen Institute Kyiv held the first Wine & Talk event. It became a platform for casual dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

The members of the Aspen Community, the members of the Institute, and the graduates of “Responsible Leadership-22” and “Media and Reality: Realms of Responsibility-2” Seminars joined the event.

In the beginning,  Yuliya Tychkivska, the Executive Director of Aspen Institute Kyiv, described the main principles of the Institute. Larysa Latypova, Program Director of the Aspen Community, presented a new Community concept.  Also, she announced the creation of an advisory body of the Community the Community Council. 

Then the participants of the meeting talked casually and took part in the activities prepared by the organizers. In addition, they had the opportunity to find partners for their initiatives among the Aspenites. For that, they filled out special questionnaires. 

Partners of Aspen Institute Kyiv Iryna Varagash and Anna Makievska contributed to the organization of the event.