Club Seminar for Aspen Community: “Social Divides and Solidarity in Contemporary and Future Ukraine”

On July 29-30, 2023, the Aspen Institute Kyiv held a club seminar on “Social Divides and Solidarity in Contemporary and Future Ukraine.”

Over two days, participants reflected on issues of solidarity at both the local and global levels. Participants noted that a crisis could occur without a sufficient level of solidarity in society, leading to its fragmentation into communities. In other words, unity for the sake of a common goal, such as a successful future, could be a unifying factor for society.

However, several questions need to be addressed: what logic should communities and society apply? How can solidarity proposed by the community be maintained while integrating into modern society? How can societal divisions, existing and arising after victory, be minimized? Based on what, should Ukrainians build solidarity? What should society’s attitude be towards sensitive issues, including migrants, the reintegration of temporarily occupied territories, responsibility for Russians, and collaborators?

The discussion was quite candid, and some topics sparked lively dialogue. The conversation was productive, encouraging the synthesis of new meanings and answers to age-old questions.

We thank the participants for their rich, engaging discussions with exciting and novel ideas! We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Note: Aspen Institute Kyiv conducts club-type seminars for members of the Community. These are active and proactive graduates united by a desire for the common good. One of the features of such dialogues is an atmosphere of trust. Participants sincerely express their thoughts and do not try to prove their correctness.