Seminar for teenagers “Realms of the Future”

Second year in the row The Aspen Institute Kyiv and Klitschko Foundation are holding seminars for teenagers. On October 25-27, participants of fourth seminar “Realms of the Future” become pupils from all over Ukraine.

We are convinced that the practice of dialogue in adolescence is extremely important and should be spread in the Ukrainian educational system. At this age the vector of development of future leaders is formed, and adolescents are ready to explore the concepts of leadership, critical thinking, reflect on the purpose of man, discuss gender issues and future scenarios, discuss a dignified and happy life.

During three days, the seminar participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in eternal philosophical topics, discuss the ideas of ancient philosophers and modern thinkers, raise worldview issues. As a next step, all participants of the seminar organize their own local project – a philosophical conversation at their school or town, with the participation of invited speakers.

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