The «National Cybersecurity Workforce Development Workshop» Seminar by MITRE Corporation under the “Cybersecurity Dialogue” program

On November 16, 2023, in collaboration with MITER Corporation, the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine conducted the Seminar «National Cybersecurity Workforce Development Workshop.» 

The event took place within the framework of the “Cybersecurity Dialogue” program, implemented in partnership with the Aspen Institute Kyiv. The event brought together 43 government, business, and education representatives. The seminar followed MITRE’s developed model for workforce development in cybersecurity (National Cybersecurity Workforce Development).

The seminar convened a cross-sectoral community to develop an educational approach based on skills, incorporating the best international practices and shaping a specific set of skills needed for particular job roles in future specialists. Workshop participants, including experts from the public and private sectors and scientists from higher education institutions, discussed challenges and gaps in current educational programs. They identified opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors to enhance the quantity and quality of cybersecurity workforce preparation.

Representatives from various sectors worked on and analyzed the following blocks of issues during the workshop:

  • The cycle of workforce preparation and the program’s further development.
  • SWOT analysis of national cybersecurity personnel.
  • Defining goals for their future.
  • Utilizing strengths for skills-based training, employment, and career growth, among other topics.

The USAID project “Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine” continues to enhance inter-industry collaboration to implement identified initiatives further, ensuring the sustainable development of human capital in cybersecurity in Ukraine in the near and long-term.