Aspen Institute Kyiv’s Seminar “War and Renewal in Ukraine: People, Communities, Cities”

On September 23-24, Aspen Institute Kyiv conducted a club seminar “War and Renewal in Ukraine: People, Communities, Cities” for members of the Community.

While remembering the daily struggle for Ukraine’s liberation, it is essential to think about the future. Among the topics discussed by the participant-leaders from various fields during the seminar were:

  1. Concepts of war, peace, and renewal.
  2. Trauma.
  3. Postcolonialism and decolonization. Heritage and legacy.
  4. Lessons from reconstruction and socialization.
  5. Roles in renewal.

The participants’ experiences allowed for exploring these and other complex issues from different perspectives.

The seminar was moderated by Sergii Rogol, Aspen Institute Kyiv Supervisory Board member, Co-owner of the group of companies “ESTET”, and Iryna Matsevko, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Kharkiv School of Architecture.

The seminar was organized by the initiative of Aspen Institute Kyiv Community members. Yaryna Bakhovska, Iryna Kovalishin, Andriy Kulakov, Iryna Matsevko, Natalia Mysak, Denis Poltavets, Sergii Rogol, and Oleksandr Filonenko coordinated making the collection of texts.