Good Governance Forum 2019

  • Дата:
    11 September 2019
  • Venue:
    Kyiv, Ukraine

In recent years, democratic societies across the globe appear to have been caught off guard by numerous challenges. Issues such as geopolitical conflicts and terrorism, mass surveillance, disinformation, electoral interference, partisan polarization threaten democratic norms, institutions, and governance. Out of those factors digital threats are met with the least prepared responses in most of the democratic societies, both mature and developing. Thus the exchange of relevant knowledge and experience of dealing with this new kind of dangerous influences that hamper global stability is in our mutual interest.

In pursuit of the ideals of a good democratic society, the Aspen Institute Kyiv will hold the Good Governance Forum 2019. The Forum is designed to allow leaders from different countries to exchange experiences and ideas on how to nurture democratic governance and develop solutions to common problems related to the penetration of digital technologies.

The Forum`s core Agenda will address issues related to challenges to democratic governance and respective responses with special focus on:

Artificial Intelligence Safety:  review of recent AI developments and their projection on social processes in different democratic societies, AI influence on transformation of democratic institutions. Main challenges to be addressed in the nearest future (3-5 years) and their relevance to Ukraine. Specific measures to be undertaken on different levels of policy-making process including international cooperation. AI safety as a research field.

Digital media: review of policy responses to main threats to democracy that stem from the evolution of digital media (propaganda, fake news, media toxicity) in different societies.

Digital rights: concept of digital rights: definition, overview (restriction on sensitive data, child protection, data portability, and interoperability, etc.). Discussion on values and principles of policy-making in the field of digital rights protection, (freedom of speech VS informational safety, right for truth, and others alike). Existing formats of international cooperation in the field.



The Forum’s audience will include representatives of the following agencies and stakeholders: State and elected officials, non-governmental organizations, Business associations, representatives of medium-to-big businesses (owners, CEOs), Founders and CEOs of media holdings, chief editors and/or leading journalists of mainstream media, academicians from the relevant fields, representatives international organizations (CoE, EC, WB, USAID, IRF, UN, etc.)/ About 120 participants are expected for plenary meetings of the Forum.


The Aspen Institute Kyiv is a non-partisan organization that promotes dialogue and understanding between Ukrainian leaders on key issues and that can contribute substantially to promotion of value-based leadership, establishment of dialogue culture and formulation of public policies.

Good Governance Forum is a part of Good Governance Program. Good Governance Program is supported by a grant from Luminate.
Good Governance Forum is organized with support of OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine.