Aspen Institute Kyiv held another meeting of the Supervisory Board during the international conference on city development Bloomberg CityLab 2022

Together we discussed the Institute’s activity plan for the next 12 months. Of course, this strategy will be flexible – in times of great upheaval, it cannot be otherwise. At the same time, all participants of the meeting agreed: now the mission of Aspen Institute Kyiv is more relevant than ever. In the conditions of a full-scale invasion of Russia and the subsequent recovery of our country, Ukrainian society needs proactive, non-standard, and functional solutions. The dialogue of leaders serves as a tool for their search.

The strategy of the Aspen Institute Kyiv for the next year will have several dimensions. Among its priorities will be: the development of the Aspen Community and the support of its members’ initiatives; the creation of opportunities for Ukrainian leaders to understand their values ​​and search for non-trivial answers to today’s challenges; establishing a dialogue between the Ukrainian and international leadership communities for the sake of supporting our state.

The strategic session lasted one and a half days. We thank the members of the Supervisory Board for their involvement in the activities of the Institute, their willingness to share their unique experiences, creative thoughts, and ideas, and their joint work. All this helps us to develop and fully implement the Aspen mission in Ukraine.