During the global city summit Bloomberg CityLab 2022, Aspen Kyiv Institute organized a meeting of Community members and seminar Alumni

Such meetings provide an impetus for the joint implementation of new projects and have a therapeutic effect. That’s why:

  • The military invasion of Russia proved that the ability of Ukrainians to self-organize to combine experience and knowledge for a common goal is a great strength. Alumni and Aspen Community members have launched over 100 joint initiatives since the beginning of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. All of them aimed at the victory of Ukraine.
  • The community is not only a space for joint action but also a place for reflection. Each of us feels incredible emotional pressure and exhaustion during these difficult times. It is crucial to have people who will listen and understand your thoughts, perhaps without sharing them. Trust and mutual respect are the principles based on the dialogue between Aspen-experienced leaders.

We know that offline meetings of Community members and Alumni are increasing significantly after the victory of Ukraine. And now, we are making maximum efforts to achieve it in our places and supporting the Ukrainian army.