Aspen Institute Kyiv held a meeting on relations between Ukraine and Turkey and the countries of the Middle East during the Russian-Ukrainian war

Aspen Institute Kyiv as a platform for leadership dialogue creates a space for discussing the most pressing issues of our time. On August 8, Aspen Institute Kyiv held a discussion for members of the Aspen community “Turkey and the Arab Middle East in terms of the Russian-Ukrainian war.”

During the event, the speakers highlighted the issues of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Turkey and Ukraine, and also reflected on the causes and potential consequences of Erdogan’s mediation initiatives. The attitude of the countries of the Islamic world and the Arab Middle East to the Russian-Ukrainian war and the factors affecting their agenda were outlined. In addition, experts shared their opinions on what strategy Ukraine should choose for interaction with these countries.

Speakers included Evgeniya Gaber, candidate of political sciences, senior analyst at the Center for Contemporary Turkey Studies (Carleton University) and the Atlantic Council, and Ihor Semyvolos, executive director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, researcher at the Modern East Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after A. Yu. Krymsky of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a leading expert on the politics of the Arab world, the Middle East, and Crimea.

The event was moderated by Yevhen Lemberg, moderator of the Aspen seminars of the Kyiv Institute, chairman of the board of the Arikol Group.