Aspen Institute Kyiv invitation to join the team as Manager for Enhancing Livelihood Support for War-Affected Ukrainian Population Program

The Program will facilitate the coordination of humanitarian assistance through dialogue with key stakeholders. Through a series of activities, the Program will bring together representatives from government agencies, non-governmental and international organizations, community leaders, and businesses to promote cooperation and the development of initiatives and strategies that enhance the well-being of those affected by war.

The Program Manager will be responsible for planning and implementing program activities and will work closely with critical humanitarian stakeholders to facilitate dialogue and ensure collaboration.

The Program Manager will work under the guidance of the Director of Program Development and collaborate with the Events and Communications Coordinator.

Program Duration: 6 months with the possibility of further collaboration in other Institute’s projects.

The position requires work in Kyiv.


  • Establish close collaboration with critical humanitarian stakeholders and engage them in program activities.
  • Develop the Program and coordinate event execution as per the grant agreement plan.
  • Prepare reports specified in the grant agreement to monitor adherence to project implementation deadlines and key performance indicators.
  • Engage and oversee the work of experts for project tasks.
  • Control program expenses and ensure proper documentation of expert team involvement.
  • Represent the Program in national and international media.
  • Work closely with the communication team to ensure proper visibility of Program results, including events, milestones, and success stories.
  • Perform other duties related to the overall focus of the Program.


  • At least five years of work experience, including three years in leadership positions in government or non-governmental organizations.
  • Experience with projects related to humanitarian assistance is an advantage.
  • Experience in projects throughout their life cycle, maintaining situational awareness and communicating with key stakeholders and leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills and experience in public speaking.
  • Fluency in Ukrainian and English.
  • Event management and coordination skills.
  • Strategic thinking and leadership skills.
  • Alignment with the organization’s values.

Why should you choose Aspen Institute Kyiv as Your Workplace?

  • Meaningful Impact: By joining us, you’ll contribute to developing a free, just, and equal society in Ukraine.
  • Culture of Collaboration: We foster a culture of openness, trust, and dialogue, believing that diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions.
  • Professional Development: Aspen Institute Kyiv is committed to developing leadership skills in our team members and invests in your growth to become an influential leader.
  • Global Network: We are part of the Aspen Institute partner network, allowing you to interact with leaders and experts worldwide, expanding your knowledge and network.
  • Community Engagement: We value our alumni and community members and actively engage them in fulfilling our mission.
  • Supportive Environment: We understand our employees’ challenges in unstable times and provide professional and personal support to help you thrive.

Your Role at Aspen Institute Kyiv:

  • Facilitate international dialogue and support Ukrainian leaders striving for sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace, and freedom.
  • Foster critical dialogue among Ukrainian leaders to build a just and equal society, even during the war.
  • Assist Ukrainian leaders in developing and strengthening their values, promoting responsible and influential leadership.
  • Collaborate with and support our alumni and members, enhancing their leadership influence and building a sense of community.
  • Promote solidarity within our Aspen community, creating shared values and a commitment to a better future for Ukraine.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to anastasiia.kravets@aspeninstitutekyiv.org with the subject “Enhancing Livelihood Support for War-Affected Ukrainian Population Programm manager”. We will contact candidates who pass the initial interview stage.

Join Aspen Institute Kyiv and be part of a team creating positive change in Ukraine and beyond. Together, we can shape a free, just, and equal society.